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Gerald Smythe has written a series of Key Stage 1 and 2 educational short children’s books, about various breeds of dogs and their personalities, all of which are also featured in our audiobooks. The stories are told from the dogs' point of view, bringing a delightful insight into the world of our four-legged friends. These books are perfect to introduce children to different dog breeds and the responsibility that comes with owning and caring for their animal.  

At the back of each book are interesting facts about the breeds of dogs, and also a questions page, that adults can ask children after they have read each book.

 Jack, Lilly and Friends are devoted to raising children’s awareness about man's best friend. 25p of all our storybook sales will be donated to the Medical Detection Dogs charity (1124533), however we also aim to support other registered charities. Our aim is that the donations will help the thousands of less fortunate dogs who suffer cruelty and abandonment.

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