Children will love listening to their favourite Jack, Lilly and Friends stories on audio. The literature audiobooks bring to life each of the individual characters within the books, with atmospheric sounds.  Perfect for long journeys and bedtimes or perhaps  to help those learning the English language. The audiobooks for kids are all available at unbelievable prices on Amazon. 


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 Bring our creations to life, watch your child's face light up as they enjoy each of wonderful storybooks.



Harry and Meghan are both serving police dogs and are extremely proud of their abilities and devotion of being a crime fighter.  The book features their training, efforts and the skills and thrills of being a police dog. Both Harry and Meghan race to the scene to find Primrose the Pink Poodle in distress.


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This is a heart warming and true story, about a neglected German Shepherd dog, who finds himself in kennels after being abandoned by his previous owners. It was winter and he could really feel the cold as he was still skinny and his fur had fallen out in places.


Everybody who came to the kennels seemed to pick the cute small breeds of dogs to rehome, not the big scruffy German shepherd. Paddy was sad and lonely, he just wanted to be loved, fed and warm forever home


Then one day a tall man arrived at Paddy's cage...


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Lilly and Six is a wintery tale about two best friends, a Jack Russell and a Westie Bichon cross. One day to their surprise six tiny puppies arrive, now Jack understood why Lilly was eating more than normal and did not want to chase him around when they went on their walks.


The puppies grew quickly and loved exploring their new surroundings especially when they went outside and felt snow under there paws for the very first time, it was cold but so much fun. The house seemed very quiet, but Jack and Lilly were very pleased that all six puppies had found forever homes with loving families.


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Nelson the Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier shares his story of living in London with his new friend Pal, a glossy black Labrador. Pal is a very clever assistance dog, who can detect and alert his owner when her sugar levels change as she has diabetes.


They become neighbour’s after Nelson is rehomed by a rescue centre and finds a forever home in the beautiful Kent countryside, after being neglected by his previous owners. He now has somewhere warm and safe to live, and a wonderful garden to run around in, but that does not stop his barking!!! 


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Buffy the Lakeland Terrier is an elderly, spoilt but adorable frail little creature. She has lots of stories and fond memories to share of her fun, frolics and seaside adventures whilst living on the Cornish coast. Her life has been full of adventures, with no shortage of mischievous antics. Buffy shares her stories with such passion, reliving her enjoyable memories at Driftwood. 


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Jack, Lilly and Friends provide fun, factual and entertaining children's story books, accompanied with audiobooks to bring our stories to life.

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Jack, Lilly and Friends is produced in Kent.


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