Gerald Smythe, the author of Jack, Lilly and Friends, was born in 1970 the year of the dog, he is a mysterious figure living in the heart of Kent. 


It begins with the real life story of how Gerald once rescued a lonely German Shepherd dog from a dingy concrete kennel at a dog re-homing centre in 1990. 


What came next was the challenge to nurse frail Paddy back to health, and following a few months of rehabilitation, Paddy showed signs of improvement. It was then that Gerald contemplated the idea of “if dogs could speak, what would they say about their former lives?”  Thus, the conception of Jack, Lilly and Friends occurred, beginning with the first instalment in the series, Rescue Paddy. 


Gerald hopes that his dream of dogs being able to tell their stories entertains the readers, but also allows consideration to further embrace their loyal four-legged friends.


Jack, Lilly and Friends provide fun, factual and entertaining children's story books, accompanied with audiobooks to bring our stories to life.

Home grown in Kent  


Jack, Lilly and Friends is produced in Kent.


Written in Kent 

Illustrated in Kent 

Published and printed in Kent


The Jack, Lilly and Friends brand supports all eco-friendly incentives and only uses biodegradable materials for the printing of our books.