Gift Wrapped Mugs

Our new range of  Jack, Lilly and Friends mugs, each design features artwork of our friends and our coloured paw prints and comes gift wrapped in gold paw print cellophane.



  • Ships within 1-3 days

Collect our range of personalised mugs, featuring each of the characters from our series.

Walking Friends Range

Child's Pawprint T-Shirt


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Child's Pawprint Hoodie


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Adult garments available on request. 

Child's Pawprint Jumper


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Gift Sets

Book and Mug Gift Set

Book and matching Mug Gift Set. 


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  • Ships within 1-3 days

 Jack, Lilly and Friends are devoted to raising children’s awareness about man's best friend. 25p of all our storybook sales will be donated to the Medical Detection Dogs charity (1124533), however we also aim to support other registered charities. Our aim is that the donations will help the thousands of less fortunate dogs who suffer cruelty and abandonment.

To all of our new friends,
we would love to hear from you

 and your views on our stories.
We also like to receive photos 
of you reading our books,
we look forward to hearing
from you soon. 


The Jack, Lilly and Friends Series is a British Trading Brand.